Switchboard seeks to develop a large and active community around its open source project. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, if you are having trouble with Switchboard, want general advice or think you may have found a bug, we’re more than happy to assist.

Switchboard source code is hosted on GitHub, and if you need support there are several options.

Mailing Lists

There is a general mailing list at This mailing list is meant for topics which aren’t related to development of the Switchboard application. archive

For Switchboard development discussion that goes further than issue reporting, you can use archive

Contributing Patches

To contribute patches, create a fork of the project on GitHub and submit a pull request. Here are the contributing guidelines.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug or issue in Switchboard, please let us know. To file a bug, go to the issue tracker and create a new issue. Great bug reports include a clear description of what is not happening and what you expected to happen. Bug reports should include the steps for recreating the bug and relevant logs - kept in _rel/log. If you have found a typo or incorrect documentation, please report it using Switchboard’s GitHub issues, or even better, submit a pull request.


StackOverflow is the best place to ask questions about Switchboard, and anyone can benefit from the answers. Just tag your question with switchboard or search questions with that tag.