Switchboard was born out of our (the Spatch team) need for a cloud based email processing framework. We started working in early 2014 with Thomas Moulia who led the architecting and development process. In June 2014, we made Switchboard available as open source project with the aim to free developers from the plumbing of server-side email processing, allowing them to focus on creating innovative and useful email plugins. We believe sharing these core tools is in keeping with the open and decentralized tradition of email. We believe that email and communication can be improved by working together so all are welcome to contribute to the Switchboard core and to create and share new and innovative plugins. Switchboard is and always will be a liberally licensed open source project.

Spatch is an innovative startup working on redefining the way digital communication works. Email’s ubiquity and decentralized architecture are its greatest strengths and the reason it has yet to be replaced. However, managing and acting upon the deluge of messages is still an antiquated and burdensome process, requiring major human effort to handle what should be simple. Spatch solves this fundamental issue by re-thinking how communication works and in particular by focusing on structuring context within messages.