Email processing.

Switchboard handles the boilerplate of server-side
email processing, leaving you free to create the logic.
Forever open source.


Switchboard simplifies email management

Switchboard provides high level tools for managing IMAP clients across email accounts and providers:

·   Manages the lifecycle of IMAP processes, and handles error conditions;
·   Provides an API allowing workers to process emails as they arrive;
·   Handles the boilerplate of IMAP connection management and monitoring for new emails.

Switchboard frees you from the plumbing of server-side email handling, allowing you to focus on your products and services.

See how it works


Switchboard listens across all connected email accounts for new messages to arrive.

Push out

When a new message arrives, Switchboard sends out a notification to all listening workers.

Use Case #1

Automatic routing
Sort different types of emails (i.e. bills/receipts/tickets) in specific folders.

Use Case #2

Extracting key information
Push specific travel/event/contact details to your calendars and productivity apps.

Use case #3

Avoid undesired emails
Unsubscribe and delete messages from unwanted senders.

open source

Open source

Switchboard is totally open source - developers can extend Switchboard or use the API to create additional workers specific to their product.


In the cloud

Processes run in the cloud. Switchboard can help you avoid mobile OS backgrounding restrictions and heavy battery consumption, freeing up local memory and leaving you in control of the service.


Comprehensive docs

Switchboard was built by engineers for engineers. We’ve included full documentation, tutorials and examples are provided on how to create and easily tie in workers.